Lollapalooza Stockholm

Lollapalooza Stockholm announced in 2019

30 mayo, 2018

There will be a new big city in the Lollapalooza family. The organization led by Perry Farrell announced that Lollapalooza Stockholm will take place during the weekend of June 28th-29th. Therefore Lollapalooza will have seven differents editions around the world.

As a result Lollapalooza Stockholm will take place at the park Gärdet in Stockholm.

Lollapalooza Stockholm joins the family

The swedish city of Stockholm will be part of select cosmopolitan cities to host the Lollapalooza. This festival isn’t about music anymore. It’s about green art, exclusive food and staying around with friends. During Lollapalooza Stockholm, there will be four different stages.

Lollapalooza Stockholm joins the big ones like Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Argentina, Chile and Brasil.

The Lollapalooza gives a chance to experience World Class artists. On different occasions Lollapalooza included artists like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Bruno Mars, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Lady Gaga and Eminem, It also brings differents bands and artists from genres like hip hop, indie rock and electronic music.

The historic Gärdet and the iconic festival Lollapalooza is the perfect match. For decades we have been wanting to do a really big festival in Stockholm and we are very honoured and excited to do this together with Charles Attal and his team at C3 Presents. Welcome to Stockholm, Lollapalooza!

  • Thomas Johansson, Chairma International Music, Live Nation.

It takes years of reasearch and planning to determine the right cities to host Lollapalooza, and we never take the decision lightly. With its incredible culture, vibrant music scene and beautiful green spaces, Stockholm proved to be and ideal city to add to our growing international family. We are fortunate and honored to partner with Anna, Thomas and their team, who are highly respected around the world as some of the best promoters in the business.

  • Chales Attal, Partner, C3 Presents.

The fact that we’re now getting a global music event of this size fits well into our long term efforts to strengthen the city’s international brand. Stockholm is a city that a lot of people want to visit and experience.

  • Karin Wangard, the Commissioner of Finance and Mayor of Stockholm

Lollapalooza Stockholm tickets

More information about pricings and date to acquire tickets to Lollapalooza Stockholm will be report by the end of the year.

Lollapalooza Stockholm artists

Full lineup will be reavealed with tickets information by the end of the year.


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